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Arts space at Hackney Downs station sees 'fantastic' response (UK)

Good to see this initiative being successful and a great use of a different kind of 'empty space'.

From Netlettings.co.uk:

Fostering pop-up-shop (UK)

Innovative use of a pop-up shop: to encourage more people to foster kids.

From Cumbria County Council:

A pop-up-shop providing advice and information to potential foster carers is opening its doors this weekend.

Vegan Pop Up market (New York)

From a personal perspective, I love this! :) And it's a good example of using pop-up to promote a particular speciality to a wider market.

Vegan Pop Up market in New York City:


From Events in the Gents to Pop Up People - New Life for High Streets

Good piece about the Empty Shops Network in the UK. Nice reuse of a public loo! :)

You can imagine how people reacted. The idea of 'events in the gents' doesn't really bear thinking about.

New book: Museums Matter by James Cuno

A new book that may be of interest to those involved in cultural mapping. 

From Footprint Books (Australia): 

Check Out Mount Rushmore National Memorial in 3D

This looks really interesting - laser cultural mapping to offer people a 3D experience of heritage sites.

From National Parks Traveller: 

Premae’s ethical green swap shop

Ok, they're already an established beauty brand business, but this is quite a cool idea for a pop up shop. 

From  Premae: 

SimmerD: Local food scene looking back, going forward (US)

A summary of the success of the food pop-up phenomenon in Detroit. This bit in particular is interesting (of course lots of people will always want to buy beer more than art, but I reckon the principles are still the same). 

From Model D by Noelle Lothamer: 

Popuphood opens in Oakland (US)

In the past three years, San Francisco has experienced pop-up fatigue. The pop-up Levi's workshop. Pop-up butchers.

Videos: How to start a pop-up shop

Great set of videos compiled by Spaziale on how to set up a pop-up shop, including one by the Empty Shops Network's Dan Thompson in the UK: 

Watch the videos…

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