Crafting surfboards conference paper

Late last month I travelled to New York to attend the annual Association of American Geographers (AAG) Conference - along with 6,000 other geographers!

At the conference I presented a paper, co-authored by Chris Gibson, on surfboard-making in Hawai'i, southern California and east coast Australia. The paper was in a session titled 'Geographies of craft and crafting', organised by Doreen Jakob, Kendra Strauss and Hayden Lorimer. There was a great diversity of papers given across the four sessions, with topics ranging from scrap booking in the mid-west United States, to communal knitting groups in the UK. The sessions were very well attended and supported by the economic and cultural geography study groups.

If you are interested you can read the conference paper in the file attached. Also for those wanting more information about the group's crafting activities please visit the website: 

Crafting: Dick Brewer hand-shaping another Hawaiian gun for Sunset Beach

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Crafting: Dick 'feeling' for smoothness456 KB
Crafting: Hawaiian Ben Aipa explaining the importance of his different tools68.52 KB
Crafting: Ben carving the centre 'stringer' of a custom longboard59.8 KB
Warren&Gibson_AAG 201252.5 KB